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The Museum of Western Art in Kerrville, Texas, invites artists working in the Western genre to express interest in participating in the 2025 Roundup Exhibition and Sale slated for April 25 - June 7, 2025. Opening festivities will be April 25-26 at the Museum.

In order to be considered for inclusion in the event, please read the following and provide the museum with the materials requested. This “Call to Artists” is designed to allow the Museum to determine our interest in an artist and his/her body of work, not individual works that may or may not appear in the exhibition.

Name of Venue or Event

Museum of Western Art 42nd Annual Roundup Exhibition and Sale.

Work Media

The exhibition is open to artists who work in the following media: Oils, Pastel, Pencil, Charcoal, Gouache, Acrylic, & Bronze. All materials considered “traditional” artists' media will be considered. Photography, functional art, crafts, and heavily mixed media works will not be considered


Work Size and Number

If accepted for the exhibition, artists will be asked to provide 1-3 works (no more than one large work to be included). Size of works will be discussed with artists accepted for the exhibition.

Entry Requirements

No fees are required to submit your interest to participate for consideration.


The following materials must be submitted VIA EMAIL ONLY to no later than June 30:

  • Cover note expressing your interest in participation. In the email please include your website address where the committee will find the following:

a. Artist Resume including biography and exhibition record;

b. 10-20 images representative of your work;

If your website does not include these items, please submit that information via email. If your website is thorough and does include these items, please do not re-submit them in your email.

If your website does not include examples of your works, please include images in your email with size set to 300 dpi resolution, 4′′ x 6′′ image size, approximately. Please do NOT send oversized images that will take up file space.

Note: the committee is not looking for, nor expecting to see, actual works that will appear in the exhibition if you are accepted. The committee is hoping to get a feel for your style, your subject matter, your exhibition record, etc.


The 42nd Annual Roundup Exhibition and Sale will be held April 25 - June 7, 2025. Opening weekend will be April 25-26, 2025. Artists participating are strongly encouraged to attend the opening weekend events in Kerrville, Texas.

Entries Due

The deadline for expressing your interest must happen no later than June 30, 2024.

Selection Process

The selection committee will meet starting July 1 and will continue their work until the list of artists is complete. Artists will be notified of the committee's decision to include or not include by July 31, 2024.

Notification to artist

The committee will respond to the artists in this “Call” via email no later than July 31, 2024.

Additional information

Artists who are accepted for inclusion in the exhibition will be sent a detailed prospectus outlining the rules for participation, commissions, and obligations of both parties. This exhibition is the Museum’s largest fundraiser, a commission of no less than 30% will be taken from the sale of all works.


For more information, email Dr. Darrell Beauchamp, Executive Director, at Initial contact via email is preferred. Phone calls will be returned as quickly as possible but can not be guaranteed to happen in a timely manner.

  • Can I take photos inside the museum?
    Yes! But we ask that the flash remain off while shooting inside. We ask that you speak with a staff member or security member before shooting with professional equipment.
  • Can I carry bags in the museum?
    You may bring small bags into the galleries, but please leave all bags larger than a standard backpack in your vehicle. If your bag is too large, we may ask you to leave it with an attendant in the gift shop.
  • Do you have a cafe or areas we may eat food?
    Food and drinks are only allowed within the Museum on special occasions. During regular business hours no food or drink is allowed in the galleries. We do have seating on our back patio, as well as benches throughout the grounds, that you are welcome to utilize for a picnic or snack.
  • Do you offer guided tours?
    Yes, please visit our tour page for more information.
  • Do you host field trips and school tours?
    Yes, the Museum will gladly host your next field trip or school tour. For more information about scheduling a field trip, please visit our programming page. We ask that you book all field trips and tours in advance so we can be prepared to best accommodate your group.
  • I found/bought/was gifted a painting. Is it valuable?
    The museum does not perform authentications or valuations. You can find a certified appraiser at An auction resource like Christie’s or Sotheby’s—or even an online auction site like or—can help you learn more about the value of your object.
  • I’m an artist, how do I get involved at Mowa?
    The Museum of Western Art does not have open calls for artwork at any time. We have an invitational exhibition of work for sale, our annual Roundup. While our exhibitions are invitation-only, we do enjoy viewing the work of artists. While we cannot offer portfolio reviews, or guarantee feedback of any sort, you may send us images or links to social media/websites that feature your work.
  • How do I donate art to the museum?
    We have several policies and procedures that we adhere to when considering art to be donated. If the work is donated with the intention to be included within our permanent collection, photographs of the work and a recent appraisal will need to be provided. This information will be presented to our Collections Committee for review. This Committee meets once a quarter and all decisions are final. If you would like to donate work for educational purposes, for sale in our store, or other non-permanent collection purposes, please make an appointment with our Director, Darrell Beauchamp. Contact by email or call at (830) 896-2553.
  • I have an artwork that needs to be cleaned. who should I call?
    The museum cannot endorse specific conservators. Excellent information on selecting a conservator is available on the American Institute for Conservation website at An appraiser can also often give recommendations for conservators in your area.
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