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#17 Catherine McIntyre and Lee Ann Whatley on The Art of Susanne Vincent

In this episode, Darrell visits Catherine McIntyre and Lee Ann Whatley, the two women responsible for the most recent Museum exhibit, Glory and Grime: The Art of Susanne Vincent.

Catherine McIntyre, renowned for rescuing her mother’s artwork from Hurricane Laura’s aftermath and daughter of Susanne Vincent, together with Lee Ann Whatley, a skilled artist, curator, and documenter, hold distinctive perspectives on the “Glory and Grime” exhibition. McIntyre views the exhibition as deeply personal, a tribute to her mother’s legacy, and a testament to the resilience she witnessed amidst the hardships faced in the Gulf Coast region. Her involvement in salvaging and restoring her mother’s artwork after the hurricane led to the birth of this exhibition, reshaping the narrative of Western art. Whatley sees the exhibition as a unique showcase of Susanne Vincent’s non-traditional, emotive artwork. Drawing from her diversified background and appreciation for the harmony of nature and country life, Whatley acknowledges the exhibition as honoring the story of the Gulf Coast of Texas, cattle ranching, and the representation of a strong woman in that environment. 

Highlights Include:

  • Ranching Life Through Susanne Vincent’s Eyes

  • Gulf Coast Emotive Artistry by Susanne Vincent

  • Preserving Art for Future Generations

  • Nature’s Harmony: Susanne Vincent’s Art Elegance

  • Gulf Coast Ranching Realities in Art

Here is the link to Lee Ann Whatley's website:


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