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#14 C. S. (Steve) Talley on Capturing the Beauty of the Night

In this podcast series, Museum Executive Direct Darrell Beauchamp visits with the artists who work in this western heritage to talk about their work, the legacy of Western art, and why talking about it is so important today. In this episode, Darrell visits with New Mexico artist CS (Steve) Talley.

CS (Steve) Talley is a self-taught artist with over 34 years of experience, specializing in western nocturne paintings. His passion for astronomy and love for landscapes inspired him to start painting nocturnes, particularly after being captivated by a painting featuring illuminated adobe buildings in a nighttime scene by artist Will Sparks. Talley’s journey into the art world began later in life, after pursuing a degree in astronomy and physics and developing an interest in the history of the American West through his involvement in mountain men reenactments. His nocturne paintings, which make up a significant portion of his yearly sales, beautifully capture the beauty of the night. Join Darrell Beauchamp and CS (Steve) Talley on this episode of “It’s art, let’s talk about it” to delve deeper into Talley’s unique artistic journey and his stunning nocturne paintings.

Highlights Include:

• Discovering Artistic Passion at 34

• The Catalyst of Artistic Growth

• Plains Indians-inspired self-taught artist

• From Programming to Painting: Steve Talley’s Journey

• Nocturnal Landscapes with Illuminated Adobe Buildings

• Artistic Perspectives in Galleries

• A painter’s paradise in Taos, New Mexico


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