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#16 Cowboys, Horses, and Heritage: The World of Harold T. Holden

In this episode, Darrell visits Harold T. Holden, known to his friends as ‘H’ and his work in sculpture. Harold passed away before this episode could be posted so our podcast today begins with a tribute to Harold T. Holden by Darrell and Jason Scull.

Holden, a renowned sculptor, discovered his passion for sculpting through his deep-rooted connection to horses and cowboy and Indian themes, which were a significant part of his upbringing. His perspective on his sculpting career is deeply influenced by his love for horses and the cowboy way of life, a love that was instilled in him by his father, who raised horses. Tragically, his father passed away when Harold was young, but this loss only served to deepen his connection to the equine subjects of his work. Transitioning from painting to sculpting in 1974, Holden has since created numerous sculptures, including monumental pieces that have earned him a reputation as a world-class sculptor. Despite his success, he remains humble, constantly striving for improvement in his art and drawing inspiration from the gear and artifacts of the cowboy world that fill his studio. 

Highlights Include:

  • Sculpting Life: Harold T. Holden’s Artistic Dedication

  • Harold T. Holden’s Induction into Cowboy Artist

  • Cowboys and Horses: Harold T. Holden’s Inspiration

  • Preserving Western Heritage Through Harold T. Holden’s Studio


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