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3 Day Workshop, April 29-May 1, 2024 • 9:00am-4:00pm

This workshop will be great for all skill levels and medias. 


  • The examination of Finding Your Inner Voice; will be explored in squinting, design, value control, color control, edges, paint manipulation, variety/unity. 

  • Learn from the "Turn of the Century Masters" how to transform your paintings into Museum Quality - Works of Art! 

  • Benefit from learning how to condition your paint and produce the Alla Prima approach of painting. (Thin to Thick) (Wet into Wet). 

  • Add the skill of creating your own painting panels, dating back to Richard Schmid's proven method of creating texture and movement in making your own painting supports. 

  • Oil or Preferred Medium

  • Beginner to Advanced

  • Instructor Demonstrations

  • Individual Critiques

  • Discussions and lots of individual attention

  • All levels are welcome

Todd will teach his step by step method of painting the landscape in oil. He will discuss how to choose and crop the photo. He will focus first on initial placement and geometry of the major features on the canvas; setting the values by designing the shadow and light patterns; adding the colors, modeling fine details, checking edges to sharpen or soften as needed; finally the consolidation phase adding final touches to complete the painting.


The typical first day of the workshop starts with slide show presentation (I have a power point projector that I will bring) and studying several 20th century masters work in the morning. Followed by a painting demonstration in the afternoon where he will demonstrate and discuss his step by step process for painting a landscape from photos.


The second day each student will start their own painting following the seven step method demonstrated. Todd will work with each student individually to assist them understanding and utilizing his process.


On the third day, Todd will again do a demonstration, but this time he will paint only the first step and stop. The students will also paint the first step on their canvases and stop; then Todd will paint the second step and so on. Each student follows along in the same fashion with Todd demonstrating each step and then stopping to let the students catch up on their own painting. 


The workshop will end with a final group critique.

Tuition $450

Includes lunch each day

Space Limited

Register online now or call 830-896-2553

Workshop Testimonies 


"I am a beginning painter and had only had experience with acrylics, when I signed up for Todd’s 3-Day workshop. 

I thought I might be getting in way over my head, but how often does a person get the chance to learn from such an accomplished artist? Even though I already knew how artistic Todd is, I now realize how good a teacher he is too!  

There was value for both the beginners and for people who had been at it awhile. Several in the workshop had already “studied” under Todd before and happily signed up again. I learned way more than I thought I would and got my motivation back. I got so inspired that I still get emotional thinking about it.  One of the most rewarding things I have ever done!” 

-Dennis Stevens, Nebraska  


"Todd worked hard to connect with each of us and appreciate whatever level of talent we brought to the table. I am always impressed when given the opportunity to experience new friendships/relationships with those who are driven to improve their given their lives a little more fuller....and continue to learn no matter what their age. Todd it’s clear you are a wonderful artist… but, being a good person and gifted teacher is a powerful combination to influence others in a positive way.” PS.....while at the pentagon today discussing difficult issues, I couldn't help but wonder if I could capture the light and shadows of the room distracting” 

-Doug Molin, Virgina 



"I've taken lots of workshops over the well as reading books, viewing dvd’s,..etc.. (I've been painting for almost 40 years).. and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop!..I was drawn to you because I love your style, but I was really impressed that you worked with each student at his or her own level..and were very encouraging..especially to the newbies..says a lot that one or more of your students have taken multiple workshops with you.” 

-Susie Gregory, Indiana 


"I highly recommend experiencing a Todd Williams' workshop. The three day workshop was informative, inspiring, fun, and refreshing. I had been struggling with my painting for awhile and this workshop freed me from being so critical of my work. On day 1 Todd started with slides with detailed notes and then a demonstration of his style. Day 2 and 3 were for the students to dive into painting and Todd was there at our side to help us along the way. He has a real gift for teaching and is extremely generous in sharing his knowledge and experience. Todd is an amazing instructor, and I can’t thank him enough for inspiring me to become a better artist and renewing my desire to paint."

- Dirk Ludwig, Nebraska 

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