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3 Day Workshop, MAY 9 - 11, 2023

Join Award winning artist Carol Arnold for a 3 day workshop in which she will share her use of pastels to create art that captures light, color and emotion. This informal and stress-free workshop is geared toward exploring your inner creative side through the use of pastels. Carol will emphasize that the creation of art "is derived from the heart, not from the head". All skill levels welcome.

Tuition $450

Includes lunch each day

Space Limited

Register online now or call 830-896-2553

Carol Arnold at the Museum of Western Arts

Instructor Carol Arnold

painting of cactus at the Museum of Western Arts


Pastel Paper …preferably Uart #400 - 9x12” or 11x14”
They have a 10 sheet packet
There are all kinds of papers out there. Feel free to bring whatever you wish size wise. Do not buy Canson Paper.

Nupastel Pastels by Prismacolor
Set of 36, 48 or 96
I recommend the 96.

Set of Unison or Terry Ludwig Soft Pastels
Starter pack of 8 or 16

2-3 old paintbrushes, from size 10-16)
Or even small chip brushes. Good to have at least one flat brush
Will be used for underpaintings etc . Do not need good quality brushes

2 – 20x30” Foam boards, Blue

3 large silver bulldog clips

Artist Tape

Paper Towels

Wet ones or something to clean your hands

Apron or Smock

Ipad to work from photos if you have one
Photos of Subjects you are interested in painting. Can be digital or printed. Your Choice

Museum has French Easels for those that need an easel

Tray or paper plate to put your pastels in you are using

Notebook or sketchpad and pencil for notes and sketching

Tracing Paper Pad

Viewfinder or Catch Finder


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