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The Museum of Western Art is pleased to have a number of outdoor works that may be enjoyed by our guests.  Click on the photos below to see a bigger photograph and information about each of the works.

"Wind and Rain"
"Touching the Sun"
"Thanks for the Rain"
"The Cattle Drive"
"The Stalking Horse"
"Belgian Horse"
"Winning the Iron Shirt"
"Watcher of the Plains"
"Out of the Mystic Past"
"A Hard Days Work"
"Symbol of the Pros"


We’re thrilled that two new bronzes now grace the campus here at the Museum and are magnificent additions to our other outdoor sculptures. Winning the Iron Shirt by Fritz White and Thanks for the Rain by Joe Beeler are receiving rave reviews from all who stop to see them. Locals are telling us how proud they are to live where the City Government and a local non-profit can work together for the better of the community. And, we agree. 


We are thankful to have been able to work with Kerrville City Manager E.A. Hoppe, Assistant City Manager Kim Mesmer and several others to make the project happen. Our thanks to Andy Simon, Herman Walker, Richard Wiseman, Tad Perry of Perry Crane, Jessie Hernandez of Hernandez Concrete, and a host of others for making the move possible. Finally, our thanks to Kathleen Brinkman for her gift to the city and for encouraging the loan to the Museum. We hope you will enjoy seeing them at the Museum of Western Art. Click below to see a video of the move of "Winning the Iron Shirt" by Fritz White...

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