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The Museum of Western Art believes welcoming everyone into the museum deepens the level of engagement and exchange among all people. The Museum works hard to establish a safe, respectful and welcoming environment that strives to ensure the widest range of people may learn from, enjoy, and be inspired by their visit to our museum. The Museum of Western Art aims to support full access to museum exhibitions, spaces, and programs for visitors of all abilities and ages.

If you have a question, concern or recommendation regarding accessibility, we would love to hear from you. Please contact the Museum at (830) 896-2553 or email us.



We are working to develop programming that suit the diverse needs of our patrons. We currently offer the following programs:

Custom tours

The Museum offers custom tour options. We will do our best to accommodate all abilities and requests. Please contact us at (830) 896-2553 for more information and to schedule your custom tour.


Our parking lot is single-level, although it does have variations in gradient. Those with mobility, sight or other concerns are welcome to park in the unmarked spaces nearest the Museum entrance. Please park perpendicular to the building so that others may also utilize these spaces if needed. If these spaces are unavailable, there is a ramp entrance to the right of the building entrance, near the bronze. It is marked and somewhat steep. If you would like assistance, please find a staff member in the Museum Store, or give us a call at (830) 896-2553.

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