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The Journey West Children's Gallery at the Museum of Western Art is dedicated to telling the story of the settling of the American West through the eyes of a young child.  Guests are asked to look into the mind of a young girl whose family makes the decision to "Move West" from their starting point in St. Louis.  Enjoy the journey as even the simplest of decisions have to be made: "Should we take more flour, salt and sugar?  Do we have room for grandmother's piano? What do we do if one of us gets a toothache, or worse? How do we go to the bathroom on the months-long journey? And, what is our best trail to the "west," the one that allows us to avoid dangerous landscapes, and people?" Guests in the The Journey West Children's Gallery will have the opportunity to dress in period clothing, explore the inner warmth of a Native American Teepee, and climb up into the "home" of a prairie wagon.  The Journey West Children's Gallery was sponsored by a grant from the Ford Motor Company, Dearborn Michigan, and through the generosity of the Hill Country Charity Ball Association of Kerrville, Texas.

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