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Museum of Western Art Receives International Award

May 8, 2004


Darrell Beauchamp, Executive Director of the Museum of Western Art, is honored to announce the Museum has been recognized with a prestigious International Award for their innovative "It’s Art, Let's Talk About It" podcast series. Launched last year, the series features 19 in-depth interviews with artists important to the Museum and the Western Art genre, including sculptors Jason Scull and James Muir, contemporary Western artist Billy Schenck, and Cowboy Artists of America members Brandon Bailey, Todd Connor, R.S. “Ron” Riddick, and the late Harold T. Holden.


The podcast is a production of the Texas Hill Country Podcast Network, which entered the podcast series into the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA) in New York and  received the “Communicator Award of Distinction," which is "dedicated to recognizing excellence effectiveness and innovation across all areas of communication." AIVA, whose members are an assembly of leading professionals from various disciplines in visual arts, is recognized as the leading international awards program honoring talent in the competitive field. The Award of Distinction is presented to projects that exceed industry standards in quality and achievement."


Beauchamp is delighted at the honor. "We created this podcast series to educate and showcase many talented artists who participate in our exhibitions, hold workshops, and align with our mission to preserve our Western heritage through the excellence of Western art. We recognize that not everyone can visit MoWA, so these podcasts serve as a virtual platform for others to relax at home and "visit" with some of the most influential people working in the Western art genre." Beauchamp added that a new podcast is released every few weeks, and past podcasts are available online.

The podcasts are accessible through the Museum's weekly newsletter, the Texas Hill Country Podcast Network, and various social channels. To tune in, visit the "podcast" section of MoWA's website:

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