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#19 Unveiling the Spirit of the American West with Artist Todd Connor

In this podcast, Museum Executive Director Darrell Beauchamp visits with Cowboy Artist of America member Todd Connor, a new member of the CAA with a fascinating background.

Connor, a former Navy Seal, has now successfully carved a niche for himself in the realm of art as a member of the Cowboy Artists of America, with his work featured in significant exhibitions such as the 41st Annual Roundup Exhibition and the Museum of Western Art.

His transition from the military to the art world signifies a journey of self-discovery and exploration. Following his departure from the service, Todd embarked on travels across the country, delving into history and art galleries, ultimately leading him to his newfound career as an artist. He identifies the creativity and adaptability he honed during his time as a warrior as crucial attributes that have served him in his artistic endeavors.

This transition demonstrates an intriguing and unique origin story, highlighting the diverse experiences and talents individuals can possess.

Highlights Include:

• Genre-inspired Artistic Growth and Development

• Warrior’s Journey: From Navy SEAL to Artist

• Balancing Act: Completing Paintings with Precision

• Inspirational Artists Across Time and Styles

• Preserving the Legacy of Western Art

• Authenticity in Art: Honoring Historical Accuracy

• Continuous Creative Development Through Learning Journeys


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