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#21 A Journey with Dr. Michael Duchemin

In this episode, Darrell visits with Dr. Michael Duchemin, an esteemed art historian and museum professional.

The discussion spans Duchemin’s illustrious career, from his academic beginnings at Arizona State University to his pivotal roles at the Autry Museum, Briscoe Museum, and the C.M. Russell Museum. Dr. Duchemin offers fascinating insights into the world of Western American fine art, detailing his experiences with influential figures, the challenges of art preservation, and his transition to museum consulting and art appraising.

Listeners will gain a deep understanding of the evolution of Western art, the dynamics of exhibitions, and the significance of professional relationships in the art world as well as Duchemin’s future projects and aspirations.

Highlights Include:

• Michael’s Early Career and Education

  • Journey Through Various Museums

  • The Autry Museum Experience

  • Challenges and Changes at the Russell Museum

  • Transition to the Briscoe Museum

  • New Ventures in Art Appraisal and Consultings


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