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#22 The Artistic Journey of John and Edith Maskey

In this episode, Darrell visits renowned artists John and Edith Maskey.

The couple discusses their 47-year career in the art world, focusing on their mutual love for watercolor painting and their experiences at various art shows. They recount how they met, their initial steps into the art world, and their long-standing partnership both in marriage and art. The Maskeys share insights into their creative processes, the challenges of working from home, and the importance of workshops for budding artists. The episode also highlights their ongoing involvement in prominent art shows and their reflections on the respect watercolor deserves in the art community.

Highlights Include:

• Early Artistic Beginnings

• The Journey to Becoming Full-Time Artists

• Life as Watercolor Artists

• Challenges and Triumphs in Art Shows

• Building a Collector Base

• Advice for Young Artists

• The Importance of Workshops

• Daily Painting Routines

• Differences in Artistic Style


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