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Glory and Grime: the Art of Susanne Vincent

January 13 - March 2, 2024.

Video coutesty of Marshall Hajek

Glory and Grime: the Art of Susanne Vincent, will explore ranching life in the Gulf Coast through the art of Susanne Vincent (b. 1941), who was active in Texas and Louisiana. Vincent’s paintings portray the natural atmospheric landscape of the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana as well as documenting the perpetual and ongoing events of cattle ranching. Susanne Vincent and her husband own, and worked, a farm in Carlyss, near Lake Charles, Louisiana, and a ranch in Seadrift near Port O'Connor. They also operate a ranch in Refugio near Corpus Christi. These are working generational ranches that have encouraged Vincent’s love of the land. Vincent paints forms and forces of the natural world in oil paint on canvas and paper. She is also an accomplished printmaker who captures particular subjects of herding of cows to market, baling of hay for the livestock, and family working and playing together. Celebrations, death, birth, grime and grit, sweat and sweetness, fleeting memories, and reoccurring daily ranch events are of the many topics expressed through her art. Approximately 25 paintings and framed etchings will be on display in the Spring of 2024 along with ranch artifacts and memorabilia from Vincent’s life working the land. Susanne Vincent’s art is important in that it not only contributes to the history of ranching in Texas, but to the history of women ranchers as well as the cultural overlap and interconnectedness of Texas and Louisiana ranching. Vincent’s unique expression and observations are visually appealing, nostalgic and representational of the natural marshes and bayous of the area.

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