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#4 Jack Sorenson on the Way of the Cowboy Artist

In this episode, Darrell Beauchamp, the Executive Director of the Museum, visits with the talented artist, Jack Sorenson. As one of the newest members of the exclusive Cowboy Artists of America, Sorenson shares his experience as a Western art creator, from his natural talent for drawing to his love for the Old West that inspired his work. Follow along as Sorenson recounts his journey to joining the elite group and how his career has blossomed since becoming a member. Discover the behind-the-scenes aspects of the art world, including what it means to be a member of a well-established group, and how that has impacted the artist's workload and prices for his work. Through heartwarming anecdotes, Sorenson expresses his profound admiration for his mentors and fellow artists in the Western art world. He also discusses the importance of traditions such as the art show at the museum and the handprints and CA brand ceremony. Listen in as the host and guest delve into what makes Western art so special, and its impact on the world of art.

With engaging conversations, fascinating insights, and a charming guest, this episode is not to be missed.

If you're someone who's passionate about western art, then this episode is one you won't want to miss. Here are three takeaways from Jack Sorenson:

1. Follow Your Passion: Jack's obsession with the West led him to pursue a career in western art. His love for horses and the old west comes from watching classic Western shows and growing up in an old western-themed town. Find what inspires you and run with it.

2. Create Your Own Path: Jack's journey to becoming a Cowboy Artist of America was unique. It was filled with different stops, working other jobs, and perfecting his craft along the way. Regardless of where you come from, what's important is to keep working hard to reach your goal.

3. Pay Homage to the Old and New: Jack's art is a mix of old western art and modern-day cowboys. He wants to pay homage to the cowboys who paved the way while also showcasing the modern-day cowboy. Being able to look back and learn from the past while also appreciating the present is important in any genre.

If you're interested in learning about Jack's path to becoming a Cowboy Artist of America, this episode of It's Art, let's talk about it is the perfect place to start.


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