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Two Perspectives: Scott Christensen and Quang Ho
July 20 – September 21, 2024 at the Museum of Western Art, Kerrville

May 12, 2004


A dynamic new exhibition is headed to the Museum of Western Art in July and Executive Director Darrell Beauchamp is already seeing the enthusiasm. “We’ve had several of the leading Western art magazines from around the country contact us for details and many art enthusiasts from around the country say they’ll attend.”  


The exhibition, Two Perspectives: Scott Christensen and Quang Ho, will run for nine weeks and open on Saturday, July 20, with an artist's reception that night. Beauchamp says that both men are viewed as two of the top landscape artists in the world. "Scott Christensen is such a fabulous artist, and Quang Ho brings to life each of his paintings. Both artists provide a different yet complimentary look at the landscapes of the American West. This will be their second two-man show and we are extremely honored.”


Scott Christensen

This talented artist is known for his impressionistic studio paintings of Western landscapes, seascapes, tropical scenes, and European pastoral scenes; many created using the plein-air technique. Scott has been painting for over 30 decades and his insightful works are recognized around the globe. Two Perspectives: Scott Christensen and Quang Ho will be his largest exhibition to date. Born in Lander, Wyoming, an area known for its rugged beauty, Scott launched his passion for art after accepting that a severe neck injury had sidelined his football career. He secured his art degree and has gone on to become a leading artist as well as teacher who now resides in Idaho. “This will be my largest exhibition to date”, he says, and will include numerous of his majestic mountains, rivers and nature scenes.


Quang Ho

Quang Ho was born in 1963 in Hue, Vietnam. When he was 12, the night before Saigon fell to the communists, he immigrated as a refugee to the U.S. with his mother and seven siblings. They narrowly escaped. The family settled in Denver where he learned English and began his enchantment with the West. By the age of three, Quang had started to draw; by high school, he dominated many art competitions, and he graduated with the highest honors from the Colorado Institute of Art, where he studied with Ren Bruhm, who he credits with “opening my mind to the true vocabulary of art.”  His deep pursuit of philosophy and study of painting led to his approach to “painting without a style”. His curiosity and love for all things is reflected in his various subject matter. Museum goers will delight in in his exquisitely detailed floral oils as well as his expressive nature works.  Quang Ho has received top honors from organizations including the Oil Painters of America and American Impressionist Society and has been featured in top art magazines throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia since the early 1990s.


Beauchamp says that Two Perspectives: Scott Christensen and Quang Ho, is one of the most important shows the museum has ever done. “Whether you’re a serious art collector or someone who appreciates the artistry of a master, this is one exhibition you won’t want to miss.”

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