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#18 Brandon Bailey on Shaping Art Through Personal Experiences

In this episode, Darrell visits a member of the Cowboy Artists of America, Brandon Bailey.

Brandon Bailey, a Cowboy Artist of America member with over 16 years of professional artistry, is known for his focus on Russian impressionism. He has received recognition from numerous esteemed figures in the art world. Moreover, he has participated in significant exhibitions and programs and leverages his social media presence to share his artistic journey. Bailey’s perspective on his membership in the Cowboy Artist of America stems from a transformative journey that required hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. He values the opportunities provided by the organization, such as scholarships and mentorships, that have fostered his growth as an artist. Additionally, rather than concentrating solely on personal success, Bailey emphasizes adherence to the mission and vision of the Cowboy Artist of America, reflecting his profound respect for the traditions and values of the cowboy art community. 

Highlights Include:

  • Preserving Western Art Tradition Through Prestigious Membership

  • Elevating Artistic Excellence Through Community Support

  • Balanced Artistic Collaborations for Business Success

  • Artist-Led Workshops Inspiring Creativity and Growth

  • Preserving Western Art Through Educational Initiatives

  • Quality Over Quantity in Artistic Legacy

  • Museum Exhibitions: Showcasing Talent and Perseverance


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