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#15 Carol Arnold on Expressing Emotions Through Pastel Landscapes

In this episode, Darrell visits with Texas-based artist Carol Arnold, who specializes in pastel landscapes.

Carol identifies as a pastelist with a deep emotional connection to her work, often drawing inspiration from the rugged environment and character of West Texas. Her favorite subjects include clouds, landscapes, wildlife, and flowers, and she enjoys working in various sizes, with her favorite being anywhere from eleven x 14 to 24 x 36. Carol’s disciplined approach to her craft, coupled with her love for plein air painting, allows her to capture the emotional essence of landscapes using pastels. Join Darrell Beauchamp and Carol Arnold on this episode of “It’s art, let’s talk about it” to delve deeper into their artistic journeys and perspectives.

Highlights Include:

• Expressing Emotions Through Pastel Landscapes

• The Importance of Discipline in Artistry

• The Artistic Process: Incorporating Techniques and Colors

• Capturing the Essence of West Texas

• Vibrant Pastel Art with N.U.P.A.S.T.E.L.

• Artistic Journey through Shows and Exhibitions


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