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#3 Sarah Harless on the Importance of Art Education

In this episode, Darrell welcomes artist and art educator, Sarah Harless, who discusses her experiences as a teacher and artist and highlights the importance of visiting museums to truly appreciate the texture and movement in art pieces. Listen in as the conversation shifts to Sarah's personal journey into art and her love for cowboy art. Don't miss out on this emotional episode where Sarah talks about the impact of mentorship on her art and her life. With engaging topics like these, the "It's Art, let's talk about it" podcast is a must-listen for all art enthusiasts!

Here are three tips to keep in mind:

1. First, it enables students to develop creative thinking skills that are transferable to other aspects of their education and future careers.

2. Second, it provides a unique outlet for self-expression, enabling students to process and express their emotions.

3. Lastly, it fosters an appreciation for the beauty of art and can enhance students' quality of life.

Sarah's passion for art and teaching is evident throughout the podcast. As she shared, "Being an art teacher fulfills me both as an artist and as an individual." To learn more about the importance of art education, listen to the full podcast episode on It's art, let's talk about it.


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